Our valued Partners

We have a number of strategic partnerships and alliances with companies in Mongolia and abroad. Petrovis Resources realizes that success can be more easily achieved when we work in co-operation with other like-minded organizations to arrive at a mutually beneficial outcome.

Golden Horde

Petrovis Resources have signed a co-operative agreement with a coal bed methane focused private company, Golden Horde, who have a large prospective license in the South Gobi desert. They have been active in Mongolia since 2011 and have been pioneers in achieving some of the first milestones toward developing frameworks and lobbying for Coal Bed Methane legislation in Mongolia.


Chono Group

Petrovis Resources has a partnership with Chono Group. Chono is a diversified company operating in Mongolia since 1992. In addition to real estate and construction, they have a group of companies focused around mining, including a geological consultancy, exploration services, a drilling company and mine concentrate haulage.

In mid-2015 Petrovis Resources and Chono Group formed Paleo Resources LLC. A junior explorer dedicated to identifying and developing precious metal projects in Mongolia.

Petro Matad

Petro Matad is a group focused on oil exploration, as well as future development and production in Mongolia. The Group’s assets consist of Production Sharing Contracts over 50,000 km2 with a focus on conventional oil. Petro Matad Limited was admitted to the London Stock Exchange, Alternative Investment Market on 1 May 2008 making the Company the first substantially Mongolian owned company to be listed on an international stock exchange. The Company’s largest shareholder is Petrovis LLC, the largest importer and distributor of petroleum products in Mongolia


Petrovis Group

Petrovis Resources is able to work with the Petrovis Group of Companies to help achieve its objectives. Petrovis Is Mongolia’s largest importer and distributor of petroleum products. For more information on Petrovis please visit www.petrovis.mn