Coal Bed Methane & Petrovis Resources


Our ultimate goal is to be the first to find, develop and supply Mongolian natural gas to Mongolia and beyond. Being the oldest and largest Petroleum company in the country comes with its responsibilities, and we believe it is up to us to lead the way in exploring for domestic energy sources other than coal. In a land abundant in natural resources, we are pioneering new ideas, new technology and new ambitions. We believe natural gas has a bright future in Mongolia and will help to answer some of the more pressing issues this country faces

CBM areas held by Petrovis Resources

As our neighbors to the South increasingly turn to cleaner fuels, their insatiable appetite for natural gas has seen unprecedented growth. With an extraordinary projected increase of 500% in domestic demand over the next 15years, the Chinese are investing more than $400b to bring natural gas through Central Asia and Siberia to China. These pipelines will only provide a fraction of projected demand. More closely located than any other natural gas supplier, and just as geologically endowed, Mongolia is strategically placed to take advantage of the largest energy market in the history of the world. With continued support from the government, the people, local businesses and new technology, Petrovis Resources will be the first to link Mongolian power to the giant pipeline network on our doorstep.

Our CBM assets

With over 65,000 km2 of licenses, about the size of Ireland, Petrovis Resources are the largest CBM acreage holders in Mongolia, and one of the largest private acreage holders in all of Asia. Our blocks are highly prospective for CBM as the following highlights

Examples of operating coal mines within Petrovis Resources CBM license areas

In addition to having excellent geological potential, the basins themselves are unpopulated and unowned, meaning easier access and more straightforward stakeholder involvement. Petrovis Resources has access to a significant amount of historical data on the blocks, including drillhole data and significant seismic and gravity surveys.