Precious Metals & Petrovis Resources


The focus of the Precious Metals sector of Petrovis Resources is to identify both new and currently held licenses that have potential to be successful mining operations. Petrovis Resources is interested in a wide range of commodities, deposit types and mining methodologies and believes bringing global best practices to Mongolia is our responsibility.

“ Mining and natural resources are the backbone of the Mongolian economy. In the spirit of exploration and true to our company motto of 'fueling growth', Petrovis Resources can be found exploring for precious metals in every corner of Mongolia.”

Michael Howard - Director

Our team of experienced geologists are dedicated to producing results to an international standard with a view to add to the existing geological knowledge of our assets and the country. We take our social responsibility very seriously and our philosophy is one of engagement, communication and local development.

Mineral exploration licenses held by Petrovis Resources through our joint venture company, Paleo Resources

Petrovis Resources is taking a bullish approach to exploration and is forging ahead despite challenging global commodity markets. Petrovis Resources is investing in our shared future and positioning itself as a leading junior explorer.

Petrovis Resources is always on the lookout for high quality greenfield and brownfield projects in Mongolia. If you have a project that might be of interest to us, please feel free to get in touch using the ‘Contact Us page’.