Enkhmaa Davaanyam - Chief Executive Officer

Enkhmaa is the CEO of Petrovis Resources and the Petrovis Group of 10 companies in the Oil & Gas space. Having served as Deputy Chairperson since 2011, she was made CEO in 2013. Enkhmaa was elected to the position of Chairperson of the Board of Petro Matad in 2014, the first Mongolian owned company listed on an international stock exchange. Since taking on the role, she helped orchestrate the Joint Venture between BG Group and Petro Matad. Prior to working in Mongolia she was the Managing Director of US Macquarie Group for over 10 years, responsible for risk management in the energy sector for the United States.

Jake Croft - Director

Jake is a petroleum geologist who has been a Director of Petrovis Resources since it’s beginning in 2014 and has helped grow the company from an ‘acquisition focused’ team of 4, to one of the largest junior explorers and acreage holders in Mongolia. Prior to this he spent 2 years in Ulaanbaatar as Geological Services Manager for an international mining consultancy, having reviewed over 200 geological deposits in country. Before moving to Mongolia, Jake worked throughout Australia on all manner of coal and coal bed methane (CBM) projects, for many of the major mining and oil & gas companies.

Michael Howard - Director

Michael is a mining professional who has held senior positions in Mongolia and Australia since 2011 and has a strong background in exploration and company establishment/management. He was appointed as a director of Petrovis Resources in 2014 and focuses on building the team and exploration/mining assets in the mineral space. Prior to Petrovis Resources Michael was the Country Manager of a Geological services company operating in Mongolia and has been residential in Ulaanbaatar since early 2012.


Tsolmon Erdene - Compliance & Office Manager

Tsolmon joined Petrovis Resources as the compliance and Office Manager in 2014. Since completing a Master of Business Degree and Bachelor of Geography degree at the National University of Mongolia Tsolmon has a solid 16 years of business experience within the international mining/exploration and the tourism industries.

Prior to Petrovis Resources Tsolmon was the Office Manager of an international geological consultancy in Mongolia.

Tsolmon has been working with the relevant State Administrative Bodies (MRAM and PAM) to ensure the compliance of all of Petrovis Resources assets.

Ariuntsetseg Batsaikhan - Project Accountant, Paleo Resources

Ariuntsetseg Batsaikhan joins us to manage the accounting and financial aspects of Paleo Resources. Her main focus is to ensure reporting obligations, license cost allocations and project finances are seamlessly completed to ensure compliance with both the Mineral Resource Authority of Mongolia (MRAM) and Finance/Tax Departments. Ariuntsetseg has over six years’ experience in a variety of financial roles working with foreign companies such as Deloitte, Onch Audit, Outotec and IARUDI Consulting, all of which serviced the mining industry. These roles include Senior Consultant, Accountant, Assistant Auditor and Tax Consultant.

Technical Team

Nyambayar Orgodol - Senior Geologist

Nyambayar has extensive experience in Mongolia and brings more than 10 years’ experience in site reconnaissance, project mapping, project co-ordination, supervision of drill programs, core/chip logging, geophysical and lithology interpretation and resource estimation. Nyambayar is familiar with the reporting requirements of the Mineral Resources Authority of Mongolia (MRAM) and the Petroleum Authority of Mongolia (PAM) and has submitted numerous, including resource estimation reports, minimum expenditure reports, exploration and pre exploration reports to these government bodies. With his strong background in coal, Nyambayar now heads up the technical CBM focused arm of Petrovis Resources and is set to become the leading Mongolian CBM geologist.

Zolchimeg Olzvi - Database & GIS specialist

Zolchimeg has more than 10 years industry experience in both coal and metals. Over her career she has compiled industry regulated reports, conducted geological exploration field studies and collected and processed data while following guidelines of the globally recognized JORC (2012) code. Zolchimeg is educated in Mongolia and holds a Bachelor degree in Geology from the National University of Mongolia. She has worked in almost all provinces in Mongolia and is proficient in a number of GIS and database packages. In her current position, Database and GIS Specialist, she focuses on generating professional data sets and documents for inclusion in Petrovis Resources internal and external reporting obligations while also providing Project Management for field based operations.

Straker Jackson - Geologist

Straker graduated from the University of Waikato in New Zealand with a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and Environmental Science and has been residential in Mongolia since February 2015.Straker focuses on our precious and base metal interests, working in with our local staff to find, assess and review geological opportunities as well as design and manage our current exploration activities. He has worked on a variety of tungsten, gold, copper and poly-metallic deposits throughout Mongolia. Straker’s previous experience in other sectors saw him work throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific in a variety of technical and managerial roles.

Batbataar Tserenochir - Geologist

Batbaatar, since graduating from the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, has worked on projects in Khovd, Gobi-Altai, Dorno gobi, Uvs, Khentii, Zavkhan, Tuv and the South Gobi. Batbataar has been working in the mining sector for over 15 years and has gained substantial field experience. He demonstrates skills in Geological mapping, Down hole geophysical interpretation, internal and government reporting, core logging and drill rig supervision. Batbaatar has experience with professional software including Arc GIS, Global mapper and Manifold.

While at University Batbaatar developed his practical skills with fieldwork throughout the Dornogobi, Tuv, Khentii, Gobi-Altai, Khovd, Bayankhongor, Zavkhan, Uvs, Southgobi provinces in Mongolia prior to graduating.